Our Vision


WASHINGTON TELANGANA ASSOCIATION is a WA state Non-Profit Corporation.

Incorporated on 12/9/2013 and issued date of 1/3/2014.

With our vision to “Connect Telangana Community to promote Culture, Charity and Commerce”, the core team of WATG request your support by becoming a WATG life member today. We need your support as we grow our organization by participating in our various activities and committees.


Promote Telangana culture and identity in Washington State and Seattle area through events and education.


Connect Telangana community for charity and commerce.


Support and contribute towards the development of Telangana and other regions in India

Local Community

Support and contribute towards all charity causes in Washington State and North America region.


Partner and work closely with other Washington State and North America based Non-profit organizations.


To serve the people of Telangana origin in the North America