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WATG Daawat 2024

(WATG members get free performance and entry )


Music files

Please upload Music files to Google Drive below

Talent Show Guidelines and information

Every year WATG conducts annual talent show to raise funds to support WATG HOPE and WATG SCHOLAR charity programs. Participation in Talent show is open to the entire Indian community in Washington State.WATG charity’s primary objective is to support all under privileged kids in Telangana region.

Every penny received through Tickets & Participation goes to charity cause. WATG does not use any of this money for administration or event costs purposes.


PUD Auditorium, 2320 California St, Everett, WA


Last date

10th June 2024

Tickets Purchase

Online Tickets only


Open for purchase

any questions


Please choose a category for your performance from the below list of categories

• Dance – Classical Dance
• Dance – Folk/Non-Film/Film Dance
• Vocal – Classical
• Vocal – Folk/Film/Non-Film Vocal

Please choose an age group to which the performance belongs to.In a group participation it is ok to have less than 50% of the participants belonging to higher or lower ages.
• Sub-junior – up to 7 years
• Junior – Age 8 – 12 years
• Teen – Age 13 – 18 years
• Adult Group – Age 19 years and above

• Group – Minimum 3 Participants
• Solo – First Priority is given to adult solo performances.

  • $20.00 for each individual participant within a group of 3 or more
  • $50.00 for each individual participant in Solo.
  • $15.00 for non WATG member.
  • All the entries and song selections are first come first serve basis.
  • Song duration must be at or under 5 minutes.
  • Bring your own audio file. It must be good quality MP3 or .WAV format. All audio
  • files must be submitted at least one week before the event date.
  • A participant can participate only once in each category.
  • Junior participants can perform in teen or adult group as long as they are less than 50% of the group.
  •  WATG reserves the right to reject any performance that does not meet the requirements.